Monday, April 30, 2007

Qi 7.2 Win32 Self-Extracting Installer With CLISP bundled

Greetings Blogland,

I have made a quick and dirty one download installer for Qi for the Windows platform. It installs CLISP under the Qi directory and adds a link for Qi in the start menu. I'm using NSIS to create the software so if anyone wants to make the installer better, let me know. I'll be adding the installer code to the SVN repository atthe google code page.

I've also added a Featured Download on the right hand site to help people get to Qi quicker and easier. This is an easy area that needs more work so if anyone feels like maintaining packages, create them and let me know. I'll keep the Windows package up to date but if anyone wants to take the Linux or OS X side, I'd appreciate it.

Here is the direct download link

but you can easily see it at

Hopefully this will help spread Qi to new and interesting places. Let me know if you have any problems with the installer, please let me know.

Until Later...